Archidemo Project : 3DCG + Second Life Machinima

Since long time, I am interested in the work of the Professor Hidenori Watanave. He is Supervisor of Photon,Inc. & Associate Professor at the Tokyo Metropolitan University. Yesterday, I presented the Tuvalu Vizualisation project, which I had the chance to see at the festival Laval Virtual 2010 and, recently, I also introduced the “ARS Electronica Archive in Second Life“. Today I want to present an exciting new video that is visible on the blog Archidemo.“This is an unique example of the method of making movie using mashup of 3DCG + Second Life machinima. This is a PR movie of the … Continuer la lecture

Ars Electronica Archive in Second Life

Last year, during Laval Virtual 2009, i saw the Archidemo’s guys. These researchers use Second Life to show archives. In this archive, users can browse images and webpages of Japanese winners of Prix Ars Electronica 1987 to 2007. And also, this archive support Livecam function (the scene of exhibition will be projected) and twitter search widget. I’m constructing new function contributing the chatlog in Second Life to twitter now. SLurl: “Ars Electronica Archive in Second Life” was produced for exhibition in “Technoclasm Cyber Arts Japan / Ars Electronica 30 years for Art and Media Technology” at Museum of Contemporary art … Continuer la lecture


Update: if you are interested by this thematic, have a look on this article : 9 Amazing Benefits of Technology in the Classroom (+18 Best Ways to Incorporate Technology) Telecom Bretagne – jan 21th. RL/SL The new collective usages related with Web2, the standardization of API (more generally data formats) as well as the growing propularity of collaborative mapping services are some of the main recent advances in the digital world. Leveraging on our individual and social experiences, these advances allow the design of new services and interfaces that mix both virtual and real dimensions into a unique “relational continuum“. … Continuer la lecture

Coming of Age in Second Life – An Anthropologist Explores the Virtually Human

Chapter One  The Subject and Scope of This Inquiry  Arrivals and departures-Everyday Second Life-Terms of discussion-The emergence of virtual worlds-The posthuman and the human-What this, a book, does. Arrivals and Departures.  Imagine yourself suddenly set down surrounded by all your gear, alone on a tropical beach close to a native village while the launch or dinghy which has brought you sails away out of sight (figure 1.1). You have nothing to do, but to start at once on your ethnographic work. Imagine further that you are a beginner, without previous experience, with nothing to guide you and no one to … Continuer la lecture